Closet Exhibitionism?

I live in an apartment complex where either in front of or behind every building there is a pond.(man made) And one of my first thoughts upon moving in there was, I want to go skinny dipping in that pond. Come to learn soon after that there are a lot of ducks and geese roaming around the property, and that these ponds have a lot of, well goose poop. Also, I have yet to go outside beyond my back door naked, because there seems to be people outside all of the time. What I would like to do is stroll out of my complex, at least half naked, late at night and "walk" (I use a wheelchair) down the street. At least partially down the street. I'm not sure that anyone would notice because I'm sitting in a chair. I'd probably put a shirt n though. 


I was able to do that at least once, and also roam around my former complex naked a few times. It's freeing, if there is such a word. 
TrojanViper TrojanViper
36-40, M
May 24, 2012