I Am A Closet Muslim Lebanese Lesbian Looking For A Muslim Lebanese Gay Man

I'm 25yrs decent looking young woman looking for a Muslim gay Lebanese man for a MOC marriage from Sydney Australia, as I feel pressure from my family to get married and it frustrates me because I'm single and the only one left at home...they don't give me my freedom they always tell me you can't go and come if your not married and it hurts me so bad because they don't know I'm a lesbian and living a tough life trying to deal with them and it makes it impossible to have a girlfriend and bring her home, they always question me, my parents are really strict on me and I feel the pressure to get married I hear it from them everyday, I mean I get alot of men coming to ask for my hand and I always say no and it makes my parents upset and then they start to get suss of me, they start to think bad **** about me like why am I saying no what's wrong with her isn't she a virgin, I hear that **** everyday and I'm nowhere near that, I'm just looking for a Muslim lebanese gay guy from Sydney Australia to arrange a MOC marriage as I feel it's my key for freedom and win my girlfriend back, anyone interested let me know.
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hi lebanese muslim. good family. european but live in the Caribbean and looking for a lesbian partner to keep my parents off my back we can become friends and hopefully maybe if all is good we can have a child. i desperately wana b a dad, and get my family off my back

Hey, I'm interested

i am a lebanese muslim gay