I Love Girls

I always have been more interested in girls than boys. At age 12 I had my first kiss from a boy, which was okay, mostly the danger of it. A month later I was hanging out with a girl from church youth group (LOL), we were bored and I don't know who initiated it first but we ended up kissing. So much better with a girl. I took her round the bases, so to speak, and felt so alive and sexually charged. After that she tried to talk to me but I was so racked with guilt I couldn't even speak to her. I thought about her all the time and whenever a thought of her popped into my head I felt so paranoid, like people could read my thoughts and know I was gay. I repressed these feelings for years, dated a few boys and met my current boyfriend. I really love him. We've been together for three years tomorrow :). He knows I like girls and is so supportive. See, a year ago we made a mutual female friend who I fell for deeply. Well mostly for her rockin' bod. I was totally into her, found out she liked me and my boyfriend a lot and initiated a *********. The whole time I wished he was gone. He thinks I am bisexual, and I do like sex with him, I come all the time, but only when I am picturing girls. Sometimes I accidentally grab his chest, hoping **** will be there. I ended the ********* relationship for that reason. He is my best friend and I am going to marry him, but these feelings are always there. I guess that's okay. Maybe we can work something out, haha
katyliz17 katyliz17
18-21, F
Jul 12, 2010