Okay so I got a job a few weeks ago as a cashier at a grocery store and its pretty cool. My checks are nice I've already expanded my wardrobe with them but the main thing that makes me excited to go to work is that theres this girl there I like. She works there and she's older than me. She is so sexy oh my god. i dont even know if she's like that but she looks kind of like one of those soft butch lesbians. She wears men's clothes and she kind of has a mullet but not really a mullet but i dont know how to describe it. But she is so sexy but she doesnt speak much english. She's asian. oh my god she has the sexiest eyes.
Okay this is sad but my main prolem is that she doesnt like me. its difficult to explain but im gonna try. On one of my first days like when i first saw her i was freaking out and i have this kind of tendency to be rude to people when i like them so they dont know that i like them so she said hi to me and i quickly turned away and ignored her but now i totally regret that because shes so sexxi and she thinks im mean now. Like whenever i ask her a question she will like shrug her shoulders and be like i dont know without even looking at me and then she'll walk away. :( sad face. its like she knows what shes doing to me. its driving me crazy. I wish i could tell people i was a lesbian then there woudnlt be a problem. i could tell everyone, they would probably be okay with it, my friends and stuf but my family you know. im scared that if i tell people they'll find out. but damn she's sexy. i gotta find out if shes really a lesbian or not. and also i gotta learn spanish so i can better communicate with more of my customers.
And also i gotta find some way to make her forgive me for being a total ***** because she was pretty nice to me before i ignored her. and also i didnt mention it before but i did get an attitude with her when she was trying to explain to me about the register. im sory but i dont like to be corrected.
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Did you apologize to her about your behavior? Maybe explain you were just shy and nervous? Try just talking with her and getting to know her!