Any Advice?

im positive this will sound like a lot of other stories but i could truly use some advice.

since i was younger, i always would daydream about having a girlfriend but i think i never really thought too far into it. I am 19 and i have dated guys but never lost my virginity. i saw a show "L Word" and i think it changed the way i think, opened my eyes. My family is EXTREMELY conservative and although we live in a liberal state im just extremely scared of the whole situation. Maybe someone can offer me advice on the first step i take.

thanks for reading =)
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The L word... it's so enlightening for those of us who feel alone while going through this. i saw it now i dont ever want to deny these feelings i have. I am glad someone else realized with the help of this show. <br />
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I asked my self your same question a few days ago. Heres what im going to do, maybe it will help you figure out were you should take your life yet. <br />
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I am not ready to come out to my family. not yet. its like im still coming out to my self so whats the rush? oh right my peace of mind. anyways i will start by telling my close friend just to talk to let someone know that i feel this way. i have, with much more frequency been keeping my eye open for ladies i might be interested but its hard how do you know if chicks are gay or not. so im going to a gay bar. I dont know what to expect. but maybe its a good way to start to explore my feelings, <br />
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those are my first steps. I have imagined enough scenarios in my head about women but now i want more,

but the question is...will u take the right step when it comes ur heart u have to know its just like u family CAN NOT tolerate gay people...AT ALL! so i havent told them...but i know for sure that when the right day comes along ill tell point is...when u take the right step u have to ask i ready to open up a whole new world..what u suddenly had a glimpse of was just the beginning of ur world being changed from what u thought it was supposed to saying, if ur religious like me u must know that if God is real and he really loves us, then he is the one who made u who u are and for that reason ur "changing" the way he sees if ur not religious, then i would just say that the next step would be 4 u to just accept urself above all others before u can open urself to ridicule because honestly, there is no way to hide it but people WILL think less of u. u have to accept that, but after that its basically a stepping stone to the good stuff...=)<br />
i know ur probably thinking...this person is too young to give advice because where it stands...this part i get stuck on...just taking a risk and asking someone out...just get involved!<br />
thats ur next step...;) good luck!