I Don't Know What To Do....please I Need An Advice.

I'm just 17 yrs. old and I know that I'm not straight...and it's a taboo for my family....I hate hiding my true self and not being able to show the person I love that I love her...but I can't tell my family about it because I might get disowned and I'm still financially relying on my parents coz I'm just a college student...I honestly don't know what to do...i really really this girl in my class and I think she likes me too..but I'm afraid to actually get to know her thinking that my parents will find out...this my first time to join a group...please give me an advice..
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have a courage to tell it.... your family might possible disowned you especially financialy support and they might said that you are too young too realize that and they might think you are just facing a phase in life. We all knew that gay relationship is not fully accpted in the community bcoz haters are evrywhere homo phobs are evrywhere but family is still a family no matter what. They might not accept it at first which is normal just show and prove them u are more feel better when you are true to yourself. You cant ever lie to yourself and in the end u know u like girls.<br />
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PS: Be sure on what you feel

Try to get to know her but go careful with your parents. Their homophobia is wrong and they shouldn't judge you, but unfortunately nobody's perfect. Don't tell them until you're ready and you feel confident doing so, you're going to be gay your whole life so there's really no rush.<br />
Maybe you should try mentioning an imaginary freind who's gay, say you met them at college and that you never realised how hard it could be for someone to be gay and how they didn't choose to be. Slowly try and desensitise them to the idea but don't mention you're own sexuality until you feel ready. And try and get to know this girl without hoping too hard, see how it goes and hopefully it'll be reciprocated. You could introduce her to your parents as a freind and maybe if they like her (or whoever you end up with) they'll feel less adverse to it when you feel it's time to tell them.