Completely And Totally Stuck

i don't understand what's wrong. i am 16 years old. I know that i am bisexual, and that i prefer girls by a longshot. The majority of my friends are gay or bisexual. they all agree that i'll  be at least bi in the next 2 years but i have been bisexual since the fifth grade. i surround myself with people that i would date both girls and guys and kind of have a crush on all of them in a way. the person that i am in love with point blank told me that if i was gay she would date me. my family is very liberal and accepting and i'm even an officer in my school' gay student alliance. i don't know what's keeping me from coming out. i'm an outgoing person who doesn't care what others think. what the hell is wrong with me? i could be totally happy but yet i'm stopping myself from living the life that i have always wanted for no reason. can anyone relate?? i beat myself up over it all the time..
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you should TOTALLY be least ur family accepts you for who you are

Wow, my family is not liberal AT ALL!! and I'm 19, so I'd be jumping in circles in your should be yourself..

Yes. I only came out today, I've been a member of an LGBT youth club for years have been to Japan to hold sessions with young people about coming out and also given numerous presentations over here on homophobia and coming out etc<br />
My family is also very liberal but for some reason I held myself back from admitting to myself or anyone else the truth, I guess I just wished really hard that it wasn't true and maybe one day it wouldn't be so I lied to myself and everyone else about who I really am. I think you're definitely not alone, no matter how confident or liberal a person you are if you yourself can't accept it than it doesn't matter what you'd normally think about anyone else you just keep hoping it'll change- well I did.<br />
My advice to you is that no matter how hard it seems and how much you want it not to be, it is, so tell people and then hopefully you'll find it easier to accept. But delaying does nothing but hurt yourself trust me...