Living In A Walk-in Closet....

I'm tired I want to go to bed. first I must leave this closet. As roomy as it can get and I know how much more comfortable I am with keeping this the same, I believe it's time for me to leave to have that possibility to be happy. Ladies I am asking for your wonderful advice, because without this group I would still be pretending that this closet was my room. I am a lesbian and I'm no longer willing to sent it.

This is the question: for those of you whom have come out to Some your friends and family who did you tell first? Why tht person and how did you tell them?

I thank every one in advance for sharing their experience with me, this.will help me decide how to open a door that has locked for too many years.
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

I came out to my best friend and my daughter first. With both I was terrified beyond all words. I read about how youre young it could be a phase but you might already know. See...I too thought it was a I could get away from if I ran away from it., if I acted straight enough, dated enough guys. I pretended for so long and tried so hard that I just ended up hating myself. Now Im not saying I didnt experience love with guys...I am a mom and I love my kids with all my heart, I just didnt feel "right" with men. I always felt empty. When I would sleep with a man, I felt like I was lying and I was, I was lying to myself to fit into the perfect picture my family, my religion painted. Now I am older and a hell of a lot wiser. I refuse to settle for what will make others happy. My advice to you hun? Step out of that closet slowly. Theres no rush. Your sexuality is YOUR business. Who you love...who you sleep with,,your business. Take your time and get to know yourself. Life is so full of possibilities...take your time and enjoy. Do what works for you! Good luck!!

Take time to explore your own sexuality. If it is really driving you crazy to be in the closet (and I COMPLETELY understand) then come out to someone you trust like a best friend or a relative - maybe not a close relative yet. Whoever you feel safe with is best. I came out to my very best friend who also happens to be my husband and he has been an amazing support to me. Telling him and working through my feelings made it quite clear to me that yes, I am a lesbian and yes, I love that part of myself. And surprisingly enough, he still loves me too. People can be surprising in good ways and not so good ways. Finding someone you can trust to come out to is important. Good luck to you - be strong - love yourself always.

my adivise dont go all the way yet<br />
try both first..ur young honey prolly some phase and mayb other things bring out these emotions...<br />
evaluate..its normal for straight women to be attracted to other women as well..