The Joys of the Pennys Catalog

I am a closet lesbian.  I love women and being with women. I am married with children and am closeted about my sexuality for my family I tell myself. My first recollection of being turned on or whatever by the female body is staring longingly at the Pennys catalog the lingere section. I loved those darn pointy bra ads. 
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I used to do that too!!!! I always looked at the lingerie section and at the Victoria's Secret catalogs...especially at the lace bras....I always looked really hard to see if I could see their nipples and sometimes you could. I guess ive always been bicurious!

my grandpa had playboys in the bathroom. i looked at those. I wish I cold cheat with a women. Does your husband know? If so does he mind? If not how do you deal with the guilt? Where did you find a woman. The lesbian women I know that I have told said they already knew I would be with a woman. So if I have that vibe why asn't anyone hit on me? Ugh! I am not an ugly woman but I do portray myself as an uptight fiscally conservative Christian. Not hipocritical. I always have thought and share my beliefs with others that everyone should have equal freedoms. <br />
I want a woman to want me!!!

I can relate to you. I am a Christian lesbian...and I want women to want me!

Ah yes, the Penny's catalog. I always loved to look at it as a kid when my mom ordered it. I always felt at least a little naughty looking at the bra section, but I am SO with you on the pointy bras - love 'em. I am married with 4 kids. My husband knows all about my sexual orientation, but we have promised to remain true to each other. It is hard to deny my feelings, but my family means more than anything to me.

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I know exactly what you mean. I could never see myself in a relationship with a woman.

i am a married lesbian with kids ... and when my hubby dies he already knows only women will be in my life.....

I;m a male and belive me even I can't stand the looks of a hairy *** man.honey womens bodies is natures work of art.