Accepting Yourself

Being a closet Lesbian has been quite a journey.
I've known that I've been a lesbian for a couple of years now. At first it was something that I couldn't face up to. In my household I've been told that being a gay guy was ok but that being a lesbian was the worst thing imaginable. So you can see where the actual acceptance of being a lesbian was. Nowhere. I've felt at times that there had to be something wrong with me. But now I know that there isn't anything wrong with me. I like the way I am. I've accepted that I am a lesbian and it is how it is. You can't change nature.

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Why are you happy being a lesbian??????have you ever taught that girl was created to fall in love with man?????

This is great being able to interact with women who have similar desires.. I don't feel so weird...

I fantisize about women.. I m not sure if i am lesbian but i could be bi.. Cuz i would be wiith a women if i had an opportunity. Good for you enjoy your life !

y'know i kinda am like that too. I do think about it sometimes

Agreed, thanks for this!

go girl....... we are in modern world now, life is too short i know u can make it... a plenty of place awaits you..........

Im a femme/girly girl so I would like to find a femme/girly girl who likes me exactly for who I am. I look forward to hearing from you!


A site for girls and their admire.


You go girls! Love who you want to love... more and more services come out on Internet focusing on Lesbian.such as Lesmingle。com . it's the world's first, largest and most trusted dating site for Lesbian.

I too have recently discovered my true orientation and I could not be happier. Do not listen to those with the negative comments. Listen to your heart and be proud of what you do. You have right to pursue your dreams and desires. You have the right to be happy and if that is with another woman then good for you to have the courage to stand up for what you beleive. I hope you find all the happiness yous want. Go girl.

Its funny isnt it? I never realised people held that thought ..... but since coming out to my own family & friends ive heard that phrase a lot: "gay men are more accepted than lesbian women".

I need help with who I am. I'm a divorced 26 year old with a 2 year old son. I think the entire situation made me dislike men. Im intrested in women now.

It's too bad that it is the year 2012 and that there are still attitudes out there that make people feel they need to hide or suppress their sexuality.

Baby life is to short to worry about others, you have to enjoy while your here as it is sooooo much shorter then we think. I can understand where you are coming from as far as family goes but you are who you are and be DAMN proud of that. I feel as long as you are not hurting anyone or forcing your beliefs on someone then you should be able to live the way you choose to live and enjoy life while you can. So go find yourself a little hottie that will treat you right and live life and enjoy it to it's fullest.

its not you who is wrong.. its the people around you that is wrong.. you should love and accept who you are so u can also love and accept others. i really hate people who are judgmental.

I had a friend whom struggled to come to terms with his sexuality but when he finally faced himself he felt much better. <br />
<br />
Being a lesbian is just one part of you, It doesn't define you. So there isn't anything for you to feel bad about in yourself. <br />
<br />

Yeah fair play to you, if you have those feelings you should try and express them, i know these things can be easier said than done but hey its one of those things!

It can be sometimes confusing for a women to define her sexuality . Today it has different value in public . For sexual body aspect , I don't see a problem, it first starts to be awkward when one try to assimilate it into functional public life . Its there the question arise , how much freedom and rights lesbian should have ?

I can save your soul , its never to late :))))))))))))))))))

good for you girl ;) xxx