Some People Just Don't Get It

I know that we are next to ordinary which means we are extraordinary. right? :)) I also know that we shouldn't get mad or say that some are too unfair to make us feel uncomfortable. The world is so modern nowwwww. We always say that we know that it would be easy for them to accept us if ever we came out. But why are we still not telling them? Even if we're sure that they'd understand? Maybe it's because of what they might think? We still got this small percent of thought in us that maybe we just think that they would accept it, but they really won't. Who can really tell? Not even Superman.

For those who you came out to, do you think they 100% accept you? Or maybe they are still hoping that maybe a little percent of you is still having second thoughts? They would not understand unless they are in the same situation. So, they aren't really the ones to judge. Men also have this notion that every gay person is not sure. Or just desperate or just haven't tried playing the side of the team. They can't make gay straight. It's like forcing a little Baby to not like candy. You can't do that. Every person have their own personal stories. Everyone is different, not different enough to be hated or thought of differently. We're extraordinary, and some people just don't get it.
reven8e reven8e
18-21, F
Jan 20, 2012