Lesbian, But I Can't Find Other Lesbians Or Don't Know Where To Look.

I just joined this site because I saw another person post a similar concern as I have myself, but didn't quite answer all of my questions. I am a lesbian, been with men, been told all of my life being gay is wrong, or "weird", but now that I'm 20 years old I can form my own opinions and make my own decisions, I want to come out as a lesbian. I want to meet other lesbians, but I don't know to look. I've tried dating sites, but I can't find a serious site or when I find a serious site, can't find anyone serious about it or confident in their sexuality, which makes it hard on me. I'm also NOT into masculine women...I am very much into feminine women. I want to meet a woman who I can really get to know etc, but if anyone has any ideas where to look please let me know. Thanks, Brooke.
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Hey all, well, i'm a lesbian and have been interested girls from the age of 8 i have been in various relationship or have been intimate with girls however, I've dated one guy when I was 16 that was the first and last now i'm 19 I want a relationship with girl i LOVE them...

However I find it hard to find lesbians to date as well as my type. I live in England and I tend to like the American baddies alot

Anyone in Saskatchewan ? I am not a closet lesbian. I am open to all :)

Well I am a lesbian into sex well i am

Hi :)
I'm a lesbian and often struggle to find women too but I am out and confident with sexuality so if you think I could help you, let me know 😊

i am also on the same boat but i dont know anyone like me. i am a nigerian and i need someone to hook me up.

I'm 17, nearly 18 now and I've known I've been gay since I was 7 but I've fought it so much, even having a relationship for a guy for nearly 2 years. This year I've realised I can't carry on pretending I like guys but I just want to be held and protected by someone, you know? And I'm scared that if I come out I'll be alone in this. If anybody lives near Oxford, UK please contact me. I need support from somebody who is going through this or has been through it. Thank you!

Im in the same boat. I live in a small town n dating sites are useless..i have no way of meeting anyone. Im feminine and also like feminine women but only every attract butch women..its hard being a lesbian.. i get men hitting on me all the time..would be so easy if i was straight

I'm 17 and I'm lesbian no one knows but me I'm feminine and I'm only attracted to other feminine girls I've never kissed or been with a chick before so someone hit me up lol

I am the same way

I also have the same problem

Hai.I need a lesbian



Exactly me. Anyone in Auckland?

I need a girl like a secret I don't want nobody to find out

Himy name is lady bI like to met someone as soon as possible

hi i would like to meet you or come in contact with you. If you are comfortable with it.


I have the same problem! And i live in LA so it should be easy. I see others find it easy but not me.

Where can I meet other lesbians ? Who know what they want and are sure ?

I want to be a lesbian it's my first time I never been with a woman

First I'll tell you this isn't really a dating site, but there are a lot of girls here just like you and looking. There are also a lot of great women to talk to about this if you can find your way through some fakes and pretenders. First tip, if they are asking you for pictures, any pictures, they are almost definitely a guy pretending. If they talk to you like you are real, then take a chance. Good luck!

I'm look for a lesbian girlfriend


u look hot asf i would date u if ur into it i am a girl also

It's not rlly hard to find someone but to find 'THE ONE' is a lot more hustle than it may seem.i had fun when i was younger but not so much anymore.i guess age is a huge factor.haha well anyway it does depend on each person preferrences,

Hi I'm a very friendly person

Hey, I just wanted to say that there are def other femme chicks out there (including us pan and bi people!) who super wanna meet other femme (and non femme, seriously, do what you want, what you want with your body). You can do this! just put yourself out there. Be open. If that means wearing rainbow bracelets, hitting on girls (respectfully) or just talking openly (hearing friends talk openly about this what made me consider the fact that being not-straight and not-gay was a possibility), do it! You are a strong independent woman who don't need no guidelines! You're awesome and there is a smart, kind woman out there who thinks/will think so.

That sounds like me

I rilly want to hook up wit a lez

I'm a liz

same here and i am almost 30 it doesnt get better.

is hard i know the feel

I no I am but I want to feel what it's like

U can txt me at 6269332 les I'll answer

I just googled this issue & of course I'm struggling with this just as much as you guys. I live in Chicago & you would think that since it's a pretty known city that it would be easy to find other lesbian teens like myself. WRONG. Sure boystown is booming with gays but they're mostly men . . . & the only other way you can meet lesbians is at gay bars (which I can't legally get into yet). I am a femme as well so most people don't perceive me as gay which also doesn't help. I just want to meet other femmes >.

i dealing with the same problem im 16 and i feel soo alone, i also live in chicago, i just wanna meet a femme. Im totally down to talk to you and get 2 know u! : D

Here is my number 6186165957 txt me if u like

Sorry wrong one

She is 16. That means she is a minor. You gave your number to a child. What are you thinking? Leave children alone! They are for raising, not dating!

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i have the same issue , i have yet to find a girlfriend and its sucks , i am from toronto and don't know how to meet other femme females, IT SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Hey I live within a couple of hours from you and am having the same issue.. I see this post is old.. If your still around give me a shout!

Where do you live?

im 17. im a lesbian. masculine, its hard to find girls here. I just want a girl to treat right and to love. my names katie. text me16624028354

Im a lesbian, 21, get panic attacks so cant go out to clubs etc so only nearly every dating website and still single have been a year... :( xxxx

Hi I am curious about being a lesbian I want to try it but don't know any other lesbians PLEASE TEXT ME AT 704-322-6673

wanna contact with me ? :)

You can't "become" a lesbian.

I'm 40 and I'm a Liz I love it but yet to find the right woman to b with if u want txt me at 6186165957

Whr r u frm..??

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Hey Everyone,<br />
<br />
Thought i'd put a comment in here. I'm 24 female, I've been out of the closet since I was 14. I suppose I'm referred to what other lesbians call a "lip stick lesbian" although I'm not much for labels myself. POF (plentyoffish) is an excellent site to meet other women. For myself, I'm located in Toronto Canada, so there's a very large gay scene here, I have no troubles meeting people. However, plentyoffish was a great site to meet like-minded lesbians who shared the same interests, that you don't always get going out to the clubs, etc.

Me too! I'm femme and only like femmes. I'm in the closet so I wouldn't know the first place to begin looking for other femmes...and no I'm not the type that wants to pick up at lesbian bars.

same am just lost when it comes to meeting plp I feel overlay shy

hey guys me too same as yours. im LB 23 frm phil. im not in hard time to find find girls but im in hard time to show my affection that i love her too... here some tip to find girl and this worked to me. find a single girl be friendly to them have fun and always make them happy... thats was the start of mine.hope it help brothers

I'm 20, I am a closeted lesbian and I am in the same boat as you, I do not know where to look for girls, men come up to me and try and chat me up but i have no interest in them. I would like to find a nice girl but then again I fear it is my own fault that I cant because I'm closeted, who wants a girl like me? :-(

hi :) i red your text and like it :) i wanna chat with you if you want too :)?

I'm a closeted lesbian, and I totally understand. there's nowhere to meet girls! I wanna just get to know someone and become close friends with them before anything happens. and likewise, i dont like masculine girls. whenever I go out with my friends to the bars and clubs they always chase boys and im just like ugh, i guess i'll pretend im interested in meeting some guys. Even when we go to gay clubs, all the girls there are straight tag alongs to their gay guy friends. whenever I come to this site I find so many people in my situation, but never seem to run into them in real life. I would say im a good looking girl, so i really dont understand why it's so difficult to find a girl I can like and be with!


I think there are a lot of girls who are confused, and society haa had a large impact. Girls either think they might go to hell, or that they're a ****. It's just hard to feel complete being gay, but not knowing how to feelcomplete. And you should add me so we can further talk about this, if you want.

I think you need to realize that there are alot of bi sexual girls these days, i know more gay and bi girls then straight ones, youll do fine. i should be more worried about finding a girl than you should. =D

I can say we're on the same boat. Ever since I was young, I knew I didn't want to get married or spend my life with any man but I never considered having a relationship with a woman. Now that I'm in my mid twenties, I realize my desire to have a partner in life. I don't have much confidence with myself and I don't expect women to find me interesting or attractive enough but I just want to talk and befriend others like me. For the past few weeks I've been searching for sites where I can chat anonymously with lesbians. Even though many of my co-workers are lesbians I feel I'm different from them because I am not masculine. Being a "chapstick lesbian" like me is not very common in our place and I know people will find it hard to understand what is about. I've never met anyone like me and it makes me feel so alone. I hope someday I'll find someone who understands me. Best wishes to us.