Getting To Know The True Me.

For the long its time I always wanted to be close to the same sex,but I didn't know why. I like holding and hugging them. Not to long ago I noticed that I was looking that women in a different way. Wanting to be with one in a sexual way. Having kissed the same sex but wanting to be with one all the time. I am married with kids and not happy. It seems that there is no love in it. I don't know if I will ever be happy without being with a woman.
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KoolKatJossie it is so sad to hear you are unhappily married with children. I hope things can get better for you soon. It's really difficult when you feel so sad and alone but don't give up hope. Have you tried talking things over with your husband maybe he would not mind spicing things up and/or your female lover maybe just a smile away. So don't begin to frown, you never know who is falling in love with your smile. Sending you soft hugs kisses ()<>()<>()<>()<>()<>()<>

Thank you sweetie! Things aren't that simple. We had grown apart and I really want to try a woman. I think I would be happier. The love has gone and so has the sex. I try to keep smiling but no answers yet. :)

Loving the smile! Each day make a point to smile your soul will feel it... and your babies will see and sooner than later it will bring truly caring love into your life

Hello Koolcat - it's like being in prison having to hide your true feelings all the time.<br />
I daren't drink too much in case I come on to the wrong woman who is usually<br />
straight!<br />
I am so sorry there is no love in your marriage. It must be lonely but with kids you can't just walk out .I wish I could just put my arms around you and hold you tightly and stroke your hair. It would be comforting for both of us I think. I am definitely a true lesbian who has had to play straight all my life, yet on the few occasions I have made love to a woman it has felt like the most natural and lovely thing in the <br />
world. If you would like to write to me I would be happy to write to you.<br />
Take care, Patx

I would like that! I wish you could too.

Thank you for replying - I feel a connection with you that I haven't felt for a
Thank you for replying ,,,I feel a connection with you that I haven't felt in a long time. I meant it when I said I would like to put my arms round you and hold you. I,d also like to kiss you too. A woman'slips are so incredibly soft and this intense feeling just goes through you that you don't feel for a man. To call it 'unatural'
is wrong - it's the most natural feeling in the world to people like me. I loved your comment about why do men try and get onour sites! It REALLY annoys me . We are women who love women - why can't they find their own sites. To me that's perversion or simple nosiness! Pleas tell me more about yourself and don't feel lonely - you've got me to talk to.