A Little Bit About Me :)

Do you know that feeling when you are more attracted to women than men? Well, that's how I feel. I like guys too, but I don't think I'm going to be able to fall in love with them. Hence, I never really considered myself as a bisexual 'cause I like girls more.
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Might still be biSEXual. Who you fall in LOVE with and who you can have SOME attraction with is different. So when you say "I like guys, too" I don't expect that most lesbians can even picture themselves being attracted to men physically.

Yeah. Maybe I really am. I'm more emotionally attached to girls than guys. So...

Me too!

Nothing wrong with being a lesbian. Everyone is special in their own way. You deserve the same happiness as anyone else does.

I love lesbians :) Since I'm locked up in chastity, I can't have *******. I'm not getting any sex anyway, so I can be friends with lesbians and not have any awkward " is he trying to get in my panties " moments.

nothing to be ashame on that because even myself when im with my beautiful lesbian friends i cannot hide my erection when we are in the pool because they wear skimpy bikinis that really shows they have their vagina intact and i cannot resist and stop my erection which makes them so mad laughing why i cannot stop it,so ill just drink beers and laugh too

You really are a man. Haha! It's normal for guys to act that way. I completely understand that. "A man can only withstand so much." :)

thanks now i always bring my girl but they kept telling one day they will tell my wife that makes my face so red because they know me well....hhhhmmmm but yes sometimes its hard to see pretty lesbian friends with so much thing to see and im glad i have friends that makes me laugh and on the same time annoy ma alot....


Haha! It's just that ever since I was a kid, I seemed to be more attracted to women than men. I know this story is ridiculous 'cause I posted it in this group. Sorry for that. :))