From Afar

She takes my breath away. Even from afar. I am not part of her world,nor she mine but still,she takes my breath away. Her eyes penetrate every defense I have ever made and her smile is infectious. Such a normal woman yet so full of divinity and beauty. My heart skips at her sight. My burdened soul is calmed by her and the ills of the world forgotten. Her eyes betray her confidence, telling of hurts and scars she bears. How anyone could let her go is incomprehensible to me. I would love her unconditionally and treat her like the goddess she is. Her body calls to me,like it knows I want to worship at the temple. I dream of her beside me,beneath me, above me. Just to hold her hand would be pleasure like no other,and an honour not unnoticed. .... All this from afar. See,she doesn't even know I exist,im nothing in her world. And though the thought of never laying with her saddens me, it isn't all so bad. I still get to admire everything she is,like she were the finest painting,shes just not in my private gallery. I just admire her from afar.
heartholdshope heartholdshope
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2 Responses Apr 23, 2012

Thanks for the comment.No I haven't. I'm not being defeatist but I'm sure there wouldn't be any point other than to say hi. But I'm ok with that. She has taught me a lot though she has no clue so I can't be bitter! Just gotta hope I feel the same about someone who could feel the same for me one day!

That is beautiful! Have you ever tried talking to her?