How Do I Come Out Of The Closet?

I struggled for years with the fact that I am a lesbian. It took me a long time to accept it but I have and I feel great. I came out to my best friends and they accept me. I need to come out to my brother but I am terrified. After my oldest brother passed away, this one is the only one I have and I'm worried he won't accept me. Should I tell him? If so, when and how?
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

Coming out to family is a scary time, your definitely not alone there!<br />
I'm very sorry to hear about your older brother passing away, that would make the fear of losing your other brother even greater, but maybe your brother feels the same way? He's already lost one sibling, why lose another over a little thing like sexual orientation?<br />
Sometimes we have to give our family the benefit of the doubt that they will support us, no matter what. Maybe ask him if you can talk about something that's important to you, explain how much he means to you and that you want to be able to be honest with him.<br />
Really only you will know the best way to talk to your brother.<br />
I hope your next post is a success story!<br />
I have my fingers crossed it all goes well for you, goodluck!

i'm going through the same thing, but i'm still trying to accept myself.. i think you should just tell him when you find a good chance like if you're having a deep conversation or something, just try to bring up the subject. i've been thinking about coming out to more people lately and i've realized that life is too short, we need to be ourselves and embrace it :) i hope this helps, you're not alone