Closet Girl

I've been in the closet for about a year. I realized I was a lesbian when I'd be thinking about this boy I thought I had a crush on, and I'd start thinking about this girl I know instead. I haven't told anyone. I'm afraid the girl won't be interested because she's only slightly attracted to girls(bi but mostly straight) and I'm especially nervous about telling my family, most of my family is really conservative and/or religious. That's another thing.. any gay people out there who are religious? I mean, I am but I find it hard to be when my church is so opposed to people like me finding love. Any thoughts?
clodiametelli clodiametelli
1 Response Jun 9, 2012

I think if you like her then try giving little hints or spending more time and see where things go. And as for the religion thing.. thats something you need to decide. There are gay people who are religious but there are some religious people that oppose gays.. but i think from what i understand god accepts gays.. as long as you dont act on sexual desires....