Lesbian Chat Room.....why So Hurtful??

Most OUT LGBT people have a deep understanding of the worry and fear you experiance before you come out of the closet...or SO I THOUGHT.
Untill Last night when i went to a lesbian chat room labeled "lesbians only LGBT support chat". When i entered the room there were several ladies talking about "snooky" and trivial things...seemingly having a good time. Until i asked if anyone would be willing to help me and give me some advice on how i could gently break the news to my husband that i am in fact a lesbian. These were the responses i received.

~~OMG WOW you can NOT be serious!
~~B**ch Just tell him you are BI and quit whining!

When i replied that i am not bisexual, that i'm not attracted to men i got this response....

~~Shut Up! Yes you are! you married him because one you were either attracted to him or 2 Your a gold digging s**t that only wanted his money!

And so i say "please...why are yall being this way to me?? don't you remember how confusing and hard it was before you came out?"

and they proceeded to laugh me out of the chat room telling me that "this is a CHAT ROOM! not THERAPY! If you want someone to listen to your pitiful fake problems go to a shrink!"

I am honestly shocked at the lack of support and understanding from those women....i don't know what to say beyond that!
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5 Responses Jun 13, 2012

i think some people have always known and have always been open about being gay...and some people are just rude.

That's unforgiveable. You are very brave to come out and then to get that abuse. I'm in the closet and it is hard.

sorry to hear that I was also thinking of doing the same . plz keep us posted

I totally agree 100 percent... people just dont care about you and care that you have problems they just mindlessly scroll through chat rooms looking for ways to bring people down when they r going through the same thing you are. UNBELIVABLE! I hope you deal with your husband ok. Honestly the best thing to do is to is honestly is to break it to him gently tell him he will always have a place in your heart but you just dont longer feel 'it' anymore. Just make sure you arent tooo unprepared so if he has questions, you can answer :)

There are some mean people out there. You may have just picked a bad site. I would break the news to ur husband slowly. very slowly and gently. I know a woman who did that in our (very small) community and she is still on good terms with her husband and our town.