Came Out To Several People So Far

Hello Ladies,

I am a bisexual actually (the weird part is whilst I was looking for the prince on the white horse I fall in love with the princess). I do LOVE girls/women but I also like guys. Of course since women are so goddam attractive I like them way more.

If i have to talk in percentages it would be like 97% for the ladies and 3% for the guys.

I have came out just to my closest people, only my sis knows about me (when it comes to family).

I am in a long distance relationship (hate the distance!).

And that's pretty much it! :)
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1 Response Sep 2, 2012

You said in another story that your Dad doesn't know and would not accept it. Why is it so important that he should accept it? Why does he have to know anything about you at all? Just be daddy's sweet girl for him and be yourself for anyone that really matters to you...