I May Not Look It, Doesnt Mean Im Not

Gay doesn't have a specific appearance why do people think it has to? Just because I supposably don't look like I am doesn't mean I'm not... I hate that and most men approach me like I'm straight and once I explain otherwise my whole response is that I'm scared? No I'm not some little girl that needs to be fixed or put back together. I am gay an I love women! Hmm just venting
LauraEmily LauraEmily
22-25, F
2 Responses Sep 5, 2012

LOL, god we all go thru that. Took me a while to simply say, "sorry,appreciate the offer, I'm sure your a really sweet guy, but I'm gay". Most are accepting. A few are not and I generally find something to say that ****** them off or embarrasses them...hang in there girl.

People got a real wrong idea that most of the gay womens are butch... But all i meet are really femme,cute,bubbly & hot lezzi's.

People just pass judgement to easy

yes because they are just good at it.. ignore them:).

I'm starting to lol