Married For Over 20 Years ...

.... But I just cant stop thinking of being with another woman. I love my husband so much and we are best friends and we still have sex at least daily .... I just cant stop fancying other women and dreaming of 'being with them sexually' - i dont want to run off and leave my husband but i just cant get this obsessive feeling i get when i think of being with another woman and i cant discuss how i feel with family or friends they just wouldnt understand .... And i can never tell my husband he would be devastated as we are so happy and have such a great sex life really it would deatroy him!! I think i will always be in this damn closet!!!!!
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Hi. I've recently come outta the closet to my husband of 26yrs and 3 daughters. I was wondering if your still in the closet

Hi Cronin43
Nope ..... Still in the closet - but I have discovered in the last year that yes I do find sex with a woman exciting .... Bt not exciting enough to leave my husband of 25 yrs for .... Who I love soooo much and actually do still enjoy and have a very healthy sex life with xxxx I think I am destined to keep my lesbian thoughts for me only ..... I have been woth two diff women in the last year and can say they were good .... Actually very good ..... But my husband can please me just as well xx So I suppose even though I havent come out the closet I have gotten over my curiousity ... Which has made me realise being curious was ok .... But I love my husband and my life even more xxxxx
Hope everything works out for you cronin43 and you ge. To meet that special woman xxxx

tell him you had a dream where you were having a 3some, and see how he reacts. at least he might be willing to give it a try, and you get to be with another women too!

f---u,,,ck your husband with a ***** or strap-on and make him your bi.;..tch problem solved!

be strong one day you'll have the courage

I really do hope your right hopevenus :)

It i knew how to I would Moondog44 lol x

Well, as long as he doesn't suspect you cheating on him and you are still committed to marriage with him, don't change anything; your feelings are yours, you may even want to explore further with an actual physical relationship with a woman; go dont want to regret anything, Moondog.

Your so totally right ... I dont want to lose what i have and these feelings im having are mine for now ... I just fear that one day i may want more and this is the scary part. In all honesty i have never had any physical relationship with another woman which is why im so surprised at how im feeling now that i am in my forties .... I have always had a great active sexlufe with my husband ... Is this all just idle curiousity about women on my part??? Ax

good luck; hugs!

Thanks Moondog44 ..... Btw love the name :)

can you private me?

Still havent worked out how to private you Moondog44 ..... *sigh*

hmmmm,,,love you anyways!

Loving this place .... I can finally be open and honest about how I am feeling xxx

yes, let your feelings flow out through your fingertips...we are hear to listen & help..

Its amazing to realise so many married women actually feel the same ...... Im not so different or any more abnormal than perhaps my gorgeous looking neighbours wife *wink*

Good advice M

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