Closeted Lesbian With Boyfriend Of 7 Years. Torn Between Worlds.

I have never said the words out loud. i am a lesbian. i have a wonderful man in my life for 7 years and always catch myself thinking of other women. the softness of their voice, gentleness and warm hearts. i am stuck between my two lives. i have always been secretly attracted to women but am so scared of not being accepted for who i really am. my friends are his friends i am afraid of losing them. my family i think will take tine to accept the news but i know they love me for me,whoever i am. i have gained weight since i have been with my boyfriend because i am so unhappy with my life. i am terrified of beig alone forever. i can't turn to anyone. please if anyone is there i need support.
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God created us this way. I was born Gay. And he made me, just like he made you two. Maybe it was to control the population, or, maybe it was so unwanted, abandoned children would have homes with Loving people. Maybe he wanted to teach Humankind, acceptance. Possibly, it is all of the above. His wisdom is infinite!! God is not against us. God just wants us to Love, not Hate!!! The Bible was written during a Patriarchal time, when Women had no say. It's a done deal. But it shouldn't be, because Humankind has evolved and continues to do so. To all of you closet Lesbians: Come out, come out, wherever you are!!!

I came out when I was 15, and I felt so Liberated. OK, go to the mirror, look at yourself and say: I am a Lesbian and I am Damn Proud of it. When you say things out loud, you hear them, then you believe them, and eventually you accept them. Then look up Gay dating sites, and start meeting people, and getting laid, the way you ought to be!! Trust me. I'm 47. I could be your Mother. You trust your Mother, don't you?

There is a God, that's all i think of, and he would not like us to indulge in sexual feelings for the same sex individual! these feelings are tempations in themselves, we should run away from or look for more passion with our husbands or boyfriends... no matter how we look at it or how society leads us... Homosexuality remains wrong!<br />
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I'm sorry but it's true. As people who are torn between whether there is a heaven or hell, we'll know when we die yes, and if there is then the punishment will be too much... best suffer with this feeling than to put it into action, then you will be rewarded. This life will pass and heaven is eternal thus so is hell.

i am just like you!!! i fear no woman will like me i mean i am good looking but i just cant talk to women i have been with my bf since i was 15 im now 20 and i feel like i cant leave im in to deep and im drowing i cant bring my head up and there is a hole in my heart that i cant escape from!

If you are not going to be happy with him then dont marry him because you will be playing with 2 lifes.. Dont worry about weight gain & all.. After some exercise & healthy diet you will be back to your original shape. Life is too small to live with regrets. Dont take decisions which you may regret later in life. Good luck:)

Read all the stories in I'm a Lesbian Married to a MAN. I told a lesbian friend if she ever thinks of opting for the "easy" conventional route of marrying a man, I will do whatever it takes to stop the wedding. I will lay down in front if the limo. Learn from our stories. Be happy, be true to yourself.

Hi. we're in the same boat. I'm 22, also in the closet, scared to tell anyone. I dont have a boyfriend right now, I just couldn't stand being with someone I am not physcially attracted to. To be quite honest, I am surprised you can bear being in a relationship with a man, no wonder you're not happy. I understand that's he probably very good to you, but if you want to stop being miserable you're going to have to move on and live how you really feel, with a girl. message me if you wanna talk.

its more of a love you grow for someone over years