Dont Know What To Do

im a student at university and i am a cheerleader but there is a problem im a lesbian and no one knows and i dont know what to do
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It's nobody else's business!

Dear Amy

Advice from an old male geezer: If that is your avatar photo and if you are bald in the right location being eaten will not be an issue.

I suggest you consider the tendency to classify ourselves as one thing or another, and to not rush at any position. If you like ***** it does that mean you do not like the other? Even if you do, or you don't, it means nothing right now. If you were mine, it would be OK with me if you wanted girl too, as long as you were honest and open with me.... and, I would expect nothing less from whomever you are with now.
[note; that I actually believe selfish males prompt more lesbians than anything.... point being, I can eat ***** like any other female, and any lackings could be improved by simple instruction. Any other desire for ***** are ok with me.]
No worries

be who you are, and stuff what anyone else may think

Hi :)

Come out, sister.
If you are 100% sure, or feel "bi" you should come out. It is important for you to be yourself, without the shame of hiding. It also helps the LGBT community at large.

You need to come out when it is right for you. Don't let anyone push you in a direction you are not or don't want to go!

just be yourself...... please add

like to be your friend to talk too

as an old geezer and after many years go with what make your motor hum but just be careful about who knows what about your motor.

Who needs to know? Why is this a problem? The world does not need to know your business, not straight or LGBT. Its your life, live it, forget what others will think.

Closet is just another pejorative label. Out is just another label. Pick who you want to know.

oops.. duh.... 2 years late, I aught read more closely.


can you not just say your just been wild and naughty and be with other girls at parties and that then you will get to be with a girl and no one will know...

complement one of the girls you like about how pretty your breast are or whatever but it is then compare yours to hers. Say you wish you had a butt like hers or breasts like hers. Get her looking at you. Then maybe she will get turned on. You never know if she is a lesbian to tell you no

I'm In the exact same boat as you. 20 year old university student and a huge closeted lesbian. I think I've always known I'm a lesbian and its so hard not being able to act upon it and I guess just be who I am. Its easy for people to say, be yourself, do what makes you happy, be honest, don't hide who you are. But in reality there is so much more to it than that. I obviously don't know your reasons for still being closeted but in the majority of cases it all just amounts down to fear. I hope you find the courage to come out but if you don't just remember your not on your own, there are many other women out there in similar situations, (like me) :) x

I wish I had a lesbian friend. It'd be the ultimate tease.

#sohot #lovethisgroup

Don't hide from the true you. Be honest with yourself and others and things will fall in place for you.

Well you look so yummy. I'd love to have a girl on girl with you. My advice own it. Do whatever makes you happy

The short answer is just to be you! My step daughter is a lesbian, my wife is STRONGLY bi. Happiness is everything. I see you wrote this aquite a while ago. I hope you have come to peace in your life.

Are you ashamed of who you are?

Why don't you stop this insane "overthinking", and just enjoy life? Why do we have to label everything?

I REALLY like your answer. I only hope she reads these. I see she hasn\'t posted in a while. You might be interested in reading my short story \"May Daughter is a Lesbian\". It\'s a true story. I posted it here: It\'s a free literary site that I post my stories on. I am R. J. Richards there. You can access it by going to the authors section. :)

sorry, should be \"MY\", not May

Just be honest, Its who you are and shouldn't matter to others x

very interesting sexy profile,stories & groups. hope to be friends ;-)

would luv u to be mine

...I don't have a problem with u being a lesbian, it's u being in the 'Closet' I'm concerned about...!!!

Live your love, honey!
I cannot write or add you, so please add me as a friend, sexy!

just be honest, don't shout it to everyone just tell people who ask :)

I bet you know who to do though. Seriously though it's nothing to be ashamed of as you like what you like. When you find the right partner it will be easier as you can support each other. I wish you good luck in the future and let us know how things develop.

Just be who you are...always

just relax and be who you are. When you are comfortable with who you are, others who appreciate you that way, will make themselves known. Enjoy life.

Just because you are a lesbian doesn't mean you have to tell everybody. Don't be afraid of being you. If you are afraid of them not liking you then so be it. They don't need to be your friend if they can't except you for who you really are. You might find out you might not be the only one there. Good luck and be careful. Hugs..

Wanna be freinds? I'm a transvestite :)

Don't be afraid of who you are & embrace it, You'd be surprised how supportive people are these days, Especially on here =) x

It can be difficult in your age to be sure what you are . I noticed many insecure young girls start today to be lesbians , then some add later on bi and some goes straight . What I find wrong with many lesbians , they start blaming men for all wrong in the world . Having hateful view on other sex is very primitive way of viewing ones life on , on the other hand there are lesbians which have caring style to each other and are very lovely person to have around .

Its okay , i know you can be yourself in time and if time comes just be yourself and be happy.^^

I'm recently finding out I prefer girls over boys, and even my boyfriend doesn't know yet... I'm thinking right now of telling people...:)

My Daughter was a cheerleader at her university. She would not have thought badly of you. She did think badly of the girls who couldn't keep their "skirts" on and partied all the time. Of course it was not long before they were kicked off the squad or 2 of them sent home pregnant.
I think as long as your grades are good, you pull your share of the work on the squad. Don't make a huge deal of sex weather with guys or a gals. You will do just fine dear.

WHATS the problem exactly?

Dear amy, when god made adam so he also made eves, bcz both of them were alone without each other, bcz god know better then us, n when god made animals so he made (male n female) why ? n in animals female dosn't have sex with female animal, so amy you are worst then animals, n you are breaking god rules n it is fackt..!

And i just bet that YOU go to "Church" every week-------RIGHT!!!!

go for it... whats the problem... you love girls.... hey., I'm a guy and I love them too... but I would not be averse to making out with a guy if the opportunity came my way

Be true to who you are. Always.<br />
People who truly care and love you will not care if you are straight, bi, gay or transgender....they would love regardless, you even if you were purple!<br />
Just be honest to yourself.<br />
:-)<br />
Good luck with this too!