What's Wrong With Me?

I can only ****** while fantasizing about about having sex with women, or women having sex with each other. I constantly *********** to lesbian **** whenever I get a chance. I am in heaven when I can just see those beautiful lips parting on the screen, it feels like the best part of my life to just take in every aspect of the beautiful love buttons and the wings that beautifully open to the lovely beautiful opening. I especially love the cliteras, bright, gleaming large small, it doesn't matter, it looks like the only heaven I've ever seen.
But I won't touch the real thing. I could talk dirty on the phone to live women without restraints, but I could just never lick that beautiful place I love so much.
I've gone as far as smelling and licking the left over cream from my best friends panties years ago, I would have loved to burry my face in her beautiful piece, she showed it to me once. Totally nude, legs open with confidence, she enjoyed letting me see it. God, I wanted to worship that beautiful pink heaven, but I ran away, and relieved the ache she caused in her mother's bathroom.
I want to eat it so much, I want to smell it, but I'm straight. Explain that please!
69HELLoKitty69 69HELLoKitty69
31-35, F
Sep 13, 2012