My Dream About L... Part 2

I let my arms fall to my side and clenched my hands...repressing every urge..closed my eyes ..afraid to open them to gaze on this mysterious beautiful woman standing before me....Then opened them to see her staring at the floor..flinching......almost cowering ....afraid. I softly whispered to her...." Here.....Turn and see how beautiful you look ...don't be's wonderful ! !!!" Touching her lightly on her shoulder to turn her towards the mirror, I was stunned as I saw reflected back, the penetrating stare of this woman gazing not at herself but at me! Her eyes locked onto mine again.....I felt my face burning with what ? Embarrassment? Fear? Both. I wanted to turn and run , but was paralyzed. I had to DO something to break this spell or whatever it was that had paralyzed me. 

I took a deep breath...and although my voice was faltering..I asked " Well ? There. You see how beautiful you are don't you ? ( willing her to speak ! ) ...At last she murmured , " Yes!! " A smile flashed for an instant then vanished. " So do you want it or try some others ?".." I want this" she  commanded , locking her eyes on mine again. In a panic now I retreated into my professional role ..." let me help you change " I gently removed her gown and hung it on the hook.....then , shaking again , helped her out of the top , then almost collapsed as I kneeled before her again as if in worship, and reaching for the top of the pants , slowly pulled them down and held them for her to step out. 

Now I was enraptured by her soft milky white thighs....parted as she stepped out of the bottoms.....the very top of her thighs meeting the beckoning "V" guarded by her delicate pink undies....again another eternity passed in that second and I ,trance like , helped her back into her slip and skirt.....Somehow I managed to, though ungracefully so, to stand again and dutifully  help her with her blouse. 

Took her set and said giddily," When you are ready meet  my right outside at my register and we will get you back to your shopping " ( God I sounded so stupid )... ( paper or plastic ???)..

I had wrapped her set in special perfumed tissue and put it in one of our ultra-feminine bags, that of course could be reused for all kinds of handy things like the gym or more shopping. I also took one of our personalized V.I.P. Customer cards, signed my name and , though not recommended, put a " Please Call Me Anytime , my number is. . . . ", note, with a gift card and put then in an envelope sealed with a Gold " LOVE" sticker . 

She emerged from the dressing room , her beauty still shining brightly from beneath her dour dress,and came to the register. I professionally completed our transaction , although did have to make a correction or two do to my shaking fingers. I handed her her bag. Then held the envelope out . " Here....this is from me to you..." She took it , smiled weakly , seized me with those mystical eyes for a brief second,and softly replied and sincerely......." Ohhh Myy....Thank You "......She turned and left as I pleaded behind her " PLEASE COME BACK ....OK ? "
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Wow you write really well

I enjoyed reading your writing. Please continue to write. We all want to find out what happens next. ; )

Pretty sure BldrMama is right ;) give us more :3