Looking For A Closeted Girl In The Us


Hey everyone. I apologize in advance if this group is already littered with these stories, but Iam new to this and figured I would try it out. I am a completely closeted gay man. Nobody has any idea and wont ever have any idea unless I tell them, which I have no intentions of doing.
I'm a super masculine, working, independent guy. 24 yrs old, white, living in the Midwest.

Probably have a seemingly great life, but am troubled by being closeted everyday. My dream is to find a girl in the same situation as me, and together we can make our lives complete. We can become best friends, partners, even fall in love (maybe not in the typical way but still), raise a family all of that typical white picket fence crap.

If there is anyone else out there, near or far, please contact me and respond to this. I am a sincere, kind, good looking guy with a lot to offer someone. Probably would be an ideal candidate for a closeted girl who doesn't plan on coming out. Thanks for your time!

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26-30, M
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Older gay male here. You seem very sincere. I felt the same way, though in my late 20s had a gay relationship. That ended, and I was single. I finally went for a guy - kind of not my physical type but fell in love anyway. We are not sexual and I was never much interested in that with him but the relationship flowered in its own way. It could have well been with a female. On the other side of the coin, I have met men in their 50s (I am now) who raised their kids, got to a certain point in their lives and suddenly decided they needed a man afterall. At least you are being honest up-front! But this gay thing can rear its head again in your life when you wake up and your parents are 80, your life is different, your kids are grown up. More lesbians are bisexual than gay men. I actually had my first sexual experiences with women, but the gay side did win out. There are no pat and easy answers. People are constantly assuming I'm straight. Who I am is still so darn inconvenient! The other problem is 30 years from now, when you are my age. You could still have a strong sex drive. But channeled into other things, you can do much good in the world.