Haven't Told Anyone

I like girls.. Haven't told that to very many people, but it's true. I'm almost 27 and I can't be open about it because I've never been able to have a relationship with a girl.. My only times with a girl were "drunken hook-ups" but I really wasn't Even drunk. It was just an easy excuse the next day for what may have happened the night before..
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Same with me. There are only 3 people who knows i am bi. 2 are my co-workers who are really supportive and wants me to be happy but tells me to be careful. 1 is the girl (straight but i think she's bi-curious) that i am in-love with, she tells me she loves me but she says she cant be "lesbian" for me (i dont know what that means). Life is hard when your closeted. Like i wanna tell my mom and i know she will love me still but i dont want to disappoint her. my family is just homophobic, i constantly hear things that are very homophobic. i hate it. why cant everyone have their own piece of happiness and contentment.

i hope you find your courage to be out.

No worries. Most of us are scared, especially of rejection. My suggestion is find lesbian and or gay friends to get you into a network of similar souls

Thanks, I do have a some gay friends who are great.. But it's difficult to accept my own sexuality without investing in something real enough to stand up for.. I wish I could meet some one who would make me want to shout from the rooftops that I was gay and that "____" was the sexiest woman alive, but I'm yet to meet anyone like that.