I Really...

I really want to come out but I can't! I already told one of my best friends (but I don't talk with her about it) because I knew that she will understand me. But I can't tell my other best friend and I really want to get her know!
And one day I was talking with my mom about something and she just said that she doesn't like gay people so...i think i'll never be capable of to tell her.
I think I'm not ready to tell people because I hate to be judge...
I hate the fact that I don't have no one to talk :(
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Your parents should love you no matter what. Being gay is very accepted now, at least in the west anyway. Good luck coming out.

Yeh... But unfortunatly it's not that simple. Thank you :)

Thank you very much for your comments and help :)
I'm not coming out to my family, that's out of question. But I really want to tell to my bestfriend. I live in a small city where everybody talks about everybody lives and I don't like people talking about me...
Sometime I just want to open my arms, fill the chest with air and scream very loud "I'm lesbian!!".... but i can't :P I think I can keep this for some more months.

People often in the closet are scared that they wont be accepted & treated the way they are treated now... If you really planning of comming out then keep the following things in life... A good job to earn the daily bread of your life & a good house where you feel safe & calm... Friends wont have problems with it unless & until they are homophobic... And family will accept it but chances are few because they are the people of a generation who dont belive in homosexuality... They are brought up like that... Last but not the least... If you are planning of coming out then have way too much of patience & confidence in you because its not going to be easy for you for another 2 yeras or so... Plan it... Keep multilayer's of plan... Good luck:)

Come out when you feel like it's right, there's no need to rush it. If you need anyone to talk to just message me. I've come out to a few friends and roommates, but I havent told my family yet.. I know it's hard, but you're not alone

come out, the longer you hold it in the more inner turmoil and anguish you will have. It's not healthy and will hikd yoiu back. But come out in your own way.. By that I mean quietly and selectively if you choose, or tell the world in one big swoop. Or something in between. Whatever is right for you personally.