I'm 16 Years Old, Friends With My Online Ex..

I think I started dating her when I was 13-14 years old, or so. My memory isn't that good.. But anyway, I was not ready for that kind of commitment which is probably what ended my relationship with a girl when I was 15 1/2. That, and the way.. Well, Ill explain it later.

I just don't like dealing with it. We don't know eachother in real life, yet.. You know how you speak to a person, and you realize how clingy they are? That's her. Now I didn't mind it when we were going out, because well.. I was totally hooked on thinking, 'She was the one' . When we broke up, about 3 days later she got with another guy.. It kind of hurt seeing how fast she moved on, or so I thought. She had about 3 other boyfriends after that, and she is now with the sweetest guy you'll ever meet.. And dumbest.

She asked me that when I turn 18.. And go over there, that maybe we could get together again. I said if the moment is right.. But how is she going to say this when she has these people on the side? She keeps telling me she's still in love with me, and I kept pestering her, 'No, it's wrong.. You're ******* seeing someone else now' whereas she continues expressin her undying love for me. It's confusing the hell out of me.. Because it's not only my heart, or her heart that's going to be ******, but her boyfriend and that one girl she's screwing on the side.. The actions that she does is totally opposite to what she is saying. I just don't know what to do anymore.

You know, too get her off my back, I told her that I started dating someone else once.. She got quite upset, and asked why I was doing it? That she didn't want me too... I don't know what to do now.. We still talk, and she still tells me she's inlove me. She wears a ring that she said was ours.. when she's also wearing a ring her boyfriend gave her on the side. This is totally.. Chaotic.. I think I really should consider moving on to someone else.. If only I can find one that is.
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well i guess you fell for a player..good luck..

It's horrible.. I know.
But I'm slowly getting over it. xD She's not though. You know what the funny thing is? She keeps saying she's in love with me.. And yet she also said she wanted Rako in the process also.. The way she does with one of the girls she was screwing.
I was like what in the hell? /sigh/

yeah..ive read a story about player in wattpad and players think that they just fell in love with more than one person but thats never an excuse..if you do fall in love you have to give your whole heart to that person..not distributing it piece by piece every time youre attracted to someone..that aint love that just plain being selfish..its like having spare tires if one gets flat..thats just plain wrong..

Omg.. You are exactly right ! It's wrong, simply and utterly wrong. It isn't just two hearts in the process, but millions more that the players are breaking. It's not fair at all.. to anyone!

it was never fair..cause as the world and trend changes, players are spreading by the minute and its horrible..which makes the gentlemen or monogamous and faithful persons slowly disappearing..its just so sad..

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