Truth Be Told!

I'm a lesbian girl, muslim too, from the Caribbean, and on the brink of being thirty. Truth be told, my parents cannot wait for me to get married. However, I'm so attracted to women, I do admire guys though, but the feelings for them isnt there. I need a gay guy, to get married to... the convenience of that marriage will mean so much! We can both have fun and live our lives as we want it.

I must tell you though, I have given thought to having a little mini me. But not via the natural way, I think, having my egg fertilised outside of my body ,by my convenient partner, if he so desires, is ok, while we have someone else carry the baby. Is it too far fetched? or have some guy thought the same? Let me know your thoughts on this.

But with regards to the marriage of convenience I am so ready!
aashiqui aashiqui
5 Responses Dec 13, 2012

*** visit i wudn mind meeting you

its nyc in south africa and no theres many like me here diffrent races

hi would like to get to know more about you.Im muslim and transman in south africa.>we can share views n stuff n b gud freinds

Hey! Sorry i took so long to respond to you was out of the country for a while. SA! Wow! A visit there might be nice... ;-) Hows life there for you? Is it difficult to meet ppl just like u?

why not come live in south africa hun

Wow, more power to you girl!