I Think I'm Inlove

So I found this lgbtq community for teens called http://www.trevorspace.org and it has a feature where you can find people that live in your area, so i was searching and i see this girl named Anna, her profile picture was beautiful so i cheaked out her profile and she had a link to her facebook. So i go and freind her and send her a message saying i saw her profile on trevors scpace blah blah blah anyways she accepted and we talked for a bit and it was nice. well i decided to stalk her a bit on facebook and turms out shes a signer and I watched one of her covers and i litteraly started crying...I honestly think im inlove! Is that so crazy? omg...I have never had very strong feelings for a girl until now... Like I dont know I just have this very odd feeling Ive never had before...Like i just know I want to be with her. Like I look at her and I can see a future that we could have together.... I dont know what to make of all this....Im feeling extremely overwhelmed with all these emotions
Julz2621 Julz2621
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012