What Should I Do?

I'm a closeted lesbian. I haven't told anybody yet and i don't think i'm ready to. All of my friends hate lesbians because they think that lesbians are so dirty and hyper-sexualized and weird. If i tell my parents and my friends i'm scared that they won't like me anymore. My dad gets upset over very little things so he would have a total fit if he knew. My mom on the other hand tries to be open minded but i know that she believes the social taboos about lesbians. My parents are amazing but they just don't understand.

I have known about my sexuality since i was five. It seems a bit early but everyone's different. I have crushes on girls but other than that i'm no different than anybody else. Being thirteen and all i can't really come out because nobody would understand. I was wondering if it would be scary to come out about my sexuality so please comment, i need all the advice i can get.

Recently i have been especially scared of what people will think of me when they know. I used to think that i would have to be overly sexual to be a lesbian and i was very unsure about myself but, for everyone else who is feeling scared or unsure just know that you are who you are and nobody and no fear should ever change that. I have become very comfortable with who i am and i have been contemplating whether to come out or not but as long as i know who i am that's all that matters.
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Hello...I'm 26.

You situation differs a little than mine because it seems as though you have an intact family unit. So I'll explain my situation, my pattern of thought and my decisions.

I come from am abusive household. All kinds, I believe the sexual abuse was because a) he's a perv and b) i'm gay. I always have been. My grandmother caught me trying to kiss my best friend Jessica when I was 5.

As I am the oldest, growing up was consumed by trying to protect my younger brother. I had too much on my plate to deal with being gay, telling anyone. I also felt since I live in someone else's household, I could lay low and wage that battle later. So, I did. I grew up and left. My friends all say they knew and didn't care. I live my life and I'm happy.

For you right now....maybe you can start by dispelling myths. If they say something ask why they feel that way/how they know that to be a fact. We're not all weird or hypersexualized. It's just like any other myth, i.e. I'm also African-American. I don't have a criminal record, don't eat a lot of fried foods and I will complete my Master's in Dec.

What I'm saying is if you choose to address it, deal with it in small steps. Maybe your mom may be an ally in the future as well given that she's more open ninded.

Thanks :)