I am completley lost and i don't know how to make sense of what im feeling right now. I have a boyfriend who i love but i don't think im in love with him. He is an amazing guy and we've been togethere for a couple of years but i keep having feelings for woman. I've tried so hard to make this work and bury these feelings and desires for years but its tearing me apart now. I kept pushing it to the back of my mind saying it was a phase but i don't think it is anymore. I haven't even kissed a girl but i dream about it a lot. Im terrified of how i feel and can't believe im writing this right now (my hands are shaking writing this). I can't imagine telling my family and friends because i think they'll hate it and me. The thought of telling my boyfriend how im feeling just makes me want to hide away again. Has anyone else ever gone through this?i don't know what to do anymore.
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Same boat :(

exactly what I'm going through right now.