Friend Problem

I just realized that I am totally head over heels for my straight friend and have no idea how to act around her anymore. "Totally F****ed" from Spring Awakening is now just playing in my head on repeat. Any advice on how to get over a straight girl? I can't just avoid her because she's my friend and she's in almost all of my classes.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Well, with my past experiences of like a freind and i have had 3 huge crushes in my life and not being able to be with i have gotten over it. it took me some time to get over my longing and to accept reality. Now 2 years out of high school, I have a new perspective you have to change your thinking and look pass the fact your in love with her. She probably is straight and if you don't know that then ask her out, but if she is straight let her be for you wouldn't want some male to pressure you. I had to get over a lot of women and except the fact i could be with them and move on. In the future you may meet a woman that is available meaning lesbian and fits you qualifications. But my overall advice although harsh, if she is straight get over it. That is what I had to learn.