Ask Her Out

Hi! So i know Im a lesbian, and my close friends know it too. But Im still in the closet for my family and most of my friends, specially college friends.
Though, I met this girl from my college that makes me wanna come out of the damn closet!
Maybe i would have came out of it already if I knew for sure she is a lesbian too, but i dont.
i dont think i can take the chance of telling her how i feel if everyone could find out about my sexuality.
Though, ive decided to flirt with her, and if get a nice anwer, I will definitely ask her out! :)
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

well, do what you are comfortable with. You do run the risk of get caught but live your life. Your more brave then me and have at least found a woman. I have been so lucky.

That is great. Go you! I hope everything turns out well!