When I Knew For Sure

when i was about 13 i come to the realization that i liked girls, but i wasnt sure if i wanted to date girls or if i really liked guys. i had had a few crushes on guy before so i thought i might be bi. when i was seventeen my friend set me up on a blind date with a guy he was nice kinda cute and funny. he ended up kissing me a few time and i was consenting but there was no spark or appeal what so ever. i was wondering weather i was lesbian or bi but after that i knew guys were not for me.
devondawn devondawn
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

thanks for writing, it helped me reflect some more since I am also in the same spot you are in. I have been watching some coming out videos and I just some general advice videos on youtube. That's what has been really helping me out. I'd give you the link, it's just my brother walked into the house so I'm really nervous haha.
I remember the time I was set up with a guy by my family, and though my experience was entirely different, for one I thought he was ugly (tsk) there wasn't a connection at all though I really pushed myself to feel something. You know in the movies when a girl gets a messages and she's all happy, yeah I was forcing myself to feel that moment of happiness when I know in real life I wouldn't look twice or once at this guy. Possibly because he was ignorant.
I know I'm just rambling on but find some youtube videos and really try to remember what you were like when you were young. It took me 3 days to even remember that I like boobs. So don't be shocked if it takes time to discover who you really am.