Stop Judging Us...

it's one thing to hear people say bad things about gay people., but it's another to hear it from you're teacher., you're VALUES ED. teacher.,

i thought, as a values ed. teacher., she would be able to respect other people., that she'll at least have the decency to keep her opinions to herself., but NO., instead she kept bad-mouthing gay people., right in front of my classmate who happens to be gay., (and me too of course but nobody knows i'm bi)

who does she think she is?! she can't possibly know what it's like.,

she kept saying that being with someone of the same sex is a "sin" an "abomination", that it's against the words of the bible., well i'm sorry! it's not like we can help it, now can we?!

i mean, she's supposed to be a teacher.! i distinctly remember her saying that we shouldn't judge people according to what we see, but rather according to what they are inside., but she kept judging gay people!! saying, "for christ's sake, can you imagine kissing another person of the same sex?! it's so wrong!" and other really insulting things., (( i just stared at my paper and doodled., it was all i could do to tell her to shut up.,))

well we're sorry! it;s not like we chose to be like this! who in their right mind would want a life full of criticisms and hate by choice? people like her is exactly the reason why i and others like me are in the closet.,

we didn't choose this., i didn't choose to like girls. i didn't just wake up one day and decided that i want to like girls starting from now. i just did., and STILL do and will continue to., because it's already a part of who and what i am. it's a part of me.,
so deal with it.,
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Report her then.

I'm in the closet, that's why I'm here. Sometimes my friends or other kids will make jokes about gay people being dirty or disgusting and I just sit there and don't react. In my head I'm yelling at them to shut up.

sucks doesn't it??
especially when you're friends doesn't have any idea that you're getting hurt by their "opinions"/"jokes" ...

i mean, don't you just hate it when people act like they know everything and they judge you without any thought of how you must feel??
i'm closet bi so i can't really react whenever someone is talking sh*t about people, but i'm silently tearing them up to shreds inside., X(

tell it how it is!