I'm Some What In The Closet

Where do I begin really....
I just need to get this out if nothing at all. If no one responses it's okay. Any who... After ending a 7 year relationship with a man and having a daughter with him. I wanted to date a woman. I've always been attracted to them just never went forward with it. Well here I am four years later and loving woman... I love short haired "butchy" types lol. But I can't see myself dating another man in this life time, and the next life I can only hope I'm a lesbian again.
But it is hard. I came out to my mom only... She took it well but now that she is into going to church she is having second thoughts... It hurts bad inside. Who doesn't want their mother to accept them PERIOD. Sigh. My close friends know, I don't go around saying Hi I'm a lesbian nor do I look like the stereo typical one if you will. My daughter doesn't know either... But at the moment I don't feel that I have met someone to really introduce her too. Shes seen a lot of hurt from her dad and I going our separate ways. Anyway~ No one in my family really knows. And I'm worried about their reactions as well. I'm sure they know something. I mean i haven't brought or talked about dating a man since my daughters father. I don't know. I'm not looking for advice so much, but to get it out there as to how I am feeling.
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You can msg me not a problem. :)

I have a daughter and am thinking about leaving my boyfriend of 4 years. Can you message me please? I have a few questions for you.

Good for you. Sharing can be very liberating even in a setting such as this one.

Thank you for your kind words..

My pleasure.