Hey, I'm Emma and I'm 16.
I never really accepted it until yesterday.
I got really drunk and I told a friend that I might be lesbian. I always knew it but it's really hard to accept it.
I never hard a girlfriend but I know that I love girls. Last year in my school I had a how can I say this.. A Slutty reputation.
I made out with a lot guys to hide it not only to everyone around me but to myself.
I used to have a gay best friend and I feel terrible because he came out and I hided myself behind him.
I don't want to tell this to my friends.
I am in a phase where I try to accept myself.
I'm going to a new school a the end of summer. Should I talk about it to someone ?
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It is okay to feel that way, you will accept it, it might take time , but you will, Im sure about it. You can tell whenever you feel like it, I believe that people will take it okay. Always remember there is nothing wrong with being lesbian ! If some people don´t accept you, it´s their own problem, just believe in yourself and try to find people who are struggling with the same thing or have already came out.. Im 17 and bi (more into women) and I realized it like 3 years ago and i´m finally accepting it, still haven´t told all of my friends or my parents, maybe they´ll figure it out that day when i´ll have girlfriend ;)

but good luck, you are amazing just the way you are ! :3

Thanks ^^