I wish I had the gusts to come out.... I'm just too scared to
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I feel you. I think I may be a lesbian. I have a strong feeling even though i haven't gone all the way. But i am sick of men. Hang in there. When the time is right, you will come out.

Thank you so much and good luck to figuring yourself out

I wish you were old enough, cause we could have a ROC


Instead of Marriage of convenience (MOC)
We could start with a friendship that turns into a Relationship of convenience (ROC).

Oh I get you

It took me three years to finally come out. I came out last week to my mom and the amount of relief I felt was amazing. You have to expect the worst and remember not everyone is going to accept you regardless of your sexuality.

Thanks I'll try that :)

Come out to someone you know it's open to those things. That'll boost your confidence. But don't pressure yourself too much, coming out is different for everybody. There's not a time or place to do it, it just happens eventually.

I wish you luck with that :)

Thank you so much :)

No problem :)