Ok so I have finally decided to come out to my best friends, any tips on how to tell them? All tips are welcome!!!
irisjuuu irisjuuu 18-21, F 2 Responses 2 days ago

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Well... The way that I told (some) of my friends was "hey lesbihonest here, I'm into chicks not dicks!" And they were really excepting and got a great kick out of it. If your going for being serious I suggest you don't use this...

you just sorta do it. But it shouldn't be really a matter of discussion. I say you tell her when she brings up boys like, (example) "so what boy do you have a crush on?" and just be like, " oh I don't even like guys" and then just go from there. But don't make it such a big deal, cuz then your friends will.