What Others Don't See

Is the other side of this issue. For me I grew up in a pretty religous setting I was reciting bible quotes very young and my father was very heavy in the church and expected his kids to be likeminded. When you grow up with these expectations you want to be that perfect child. I was not perfect but I never gave my parents cause to worry. I never did the typical things kids do stay out all night, skip school no arrests etc. I got a job at sixteen and haven't stopped working. I'm 28. I'm a virgin and more imoprtantly I'm lonely. You see you can't come out for whatever reasons and you isolate yourself you avoid women thinking they'll know you envy everything and everyone because they have love. A simple basic thing you can never have because you have this issue at the forefront of all that you do. Those living outside that box give you a generic answer to a deadly issue. Be yourself and be patient. Well to them I say while I was being patient life was being lived. And I was left to the dust where all dead things lie and while I was being myself myself was accepted in most circles and I lost anyway. Is there someone for everyone. I suppose but for those of us who didn't really understand why they felt " diffrent" or had no one to turn to when you had the questions you did it's will always seem like an uphill battle. Like me you watch everyone else live and you remain socialy akward and are behind before you start. It may be a cowards way but to stay safely inclosed I'm proecting me. I'm protecting the rest of my fragile state from everything that could hurt me beause being nearly 30 and having never had a signifacnt or casual relationship of anykind is not only lonely but depressing and easy give up on everything else.

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3 Responses Mar 28, 2009

:) count me in. I'm here if need someone to talk to :)

Me too. I grew up in a fundamentally Christian home. worked for a pro life organization for many years.<br />
I love Jesus. Worked in ministry. Yet, I am falling in love with a woman. I can't explain it. I know what the Bible says. But....

Im here if you need to talk add me, message me, chat me, whiteboard me, whatever u feel whenever u feel. Trust me I understand what your going thru!