Not Hiding Anymore..but Is She

I used to hate myself for the feelings I had and after certain experiences I don't anymore. Yet,this girl I used to be in love with would send me mixed messages,embracing one day...and as soon as someone else would come around very stand offish.She still is towards me.

A few years after our little fall out,and after me not being in love with her,I asked her straightforward if ever had feelings for me. I still haven't gotten a response..but I just recently found out she has a boyfriend. And now I'm just confused as to weather she's hiding because she's the pastors daughter and has an image to uphold,or I'm just being silly.

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3 Responses Apr 18, 2009

Kiki, you will save yourself a lot of hurt if you just let her go. She may be confused, and then again she just may not have those feelings. If she does or has, she will eventually make them known to you. I've been through the almost exact same situation, and she did confess to me about 8 years later that she HAD in fact had feelings for me. <br />
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There are plenty of women out there who know what they want, and will not hesitate to embrace you. Kiss you. And love you. Don't hold out for a possibility. Go for the probability.

Tough one - likely you will never know if she chooses not to share. One day you'll find somebody that makes you happy and doesn't play games. It's a shame for her that she can't be true to herself (if that's what is going on) but you deserve better. And if she ISN'T a lesbian and is just playing games then shame on her. And again, you deserve better! I'm sure there is somebody out there for you, they'll come along when you least expect it xxx

She sounds confused and perhaps even ashamed of her own feelings. Perhaps she is not a lesbian, perhaps she is bisexual. <br />
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Either that or she's a repressed lesbian obeying social norms.