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I'm A 17 Year Old Lesbian, I Glenda Have A GF Who Is Amazing I Love Her ;) But I Wish I Could Live A Normal Life, Just Like A Straight Couple Would, Get Married Earn Good Money :) Have Children. Just Chill Without Being Judged With My Girlfriend ): We Are Both Closet Lesbian. Our Families Are Pretty Strict & She's A Christian/Indian I'm A Indian Girl. We Would Be Kicked Out The House, Or Get Cured Or Something. Being Lesbian Is Hard LoL. I'm A Bad Gf, I Don't Respect My Gf & She's Older Than Me, I Call Her Names, Threaten Her. I Hate Her Friends. We've Been Together 4 A Year N Quarter
<3 My Girl Has Taken A Break From Me, I Understand I'm A Nightmare. My Gf Quoted She'd "Rather Have Her Dad Stab Her 12 Twelve Times In The Heart Than Have This Heartache " ): But Guess What She Gave Me A Chance To Change But I Ruined The Relationship Once Again. She Still Gave Me Another Chance I'm So Lucky To Have Her In Ny Life. She Does Deserve Allot Better But She's Mine No One Can Have My Girl. We Haven't Been Talking As Much But She's Gonna Tell Me Were We Both Stand In The Relationship. I Can't Help But Be Protective Over Her. ILoveYou 6 ;) Know one Knows What Six Means Ahaha XO Thanks For Reading :)
K7R4N97IsTheFreakingBest K7R4N97IsTheFreakingBest 16-17, F 2 Responses 1 day ago

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have a nice day Glenda sweety.

My names Kiran my gf is called Glenda 😝

believe me, when get grow up or be in 40 age, you will say how i did that before. You can be a perfect girl in the world without doing this strange relationship.

I never understood a word u just said. Explain urself again Plz :)