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My friend thinks my crush and I should be travel partners when I told her about our two-week trip together. It was fun and we had a great time. We have made plans to go on a day trip together in two months' time. But today I'm going to talk about our first trip ever together.

She was very kind to me. She gave me a foot massage when I complained about my aching feet to her so I returned the favor by giving her a back rub. It was funny when she said "please don't hurt me" and "not too hard" before I began massaging her shoulders. She sounded innocent, I bet she had no idea what her words did to me.

She's also quite funny. Once, she asked me if I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra last night and when I said no, she told me "that's how small my boobs are". Haha. Seriously, that was an unnecessary info.

We joked a lot, we tried to keep our conversations light and easy although I must say we both learned a lot more about each others' lives and families during the trip. She's awesome. She's also adorable, always laughing at my jokes.

We held hands briefly but she thought it was weird (she was laughing when she said that) and so I told her I would let go if it made her uncomfortable. She said yes, so I let go and never tried to hold hands with her again. So that was one indicator that she's straight.

We slept in the same bed and I'm proud to say that I managed to keep a safe distance from her during the whole period that we had to sleep together. She too didn't try to get closer to me. So that's the second indicator that she's straight.

She texted her crush during the trip. So she still has a crush on him after all. That's the third indicator that she's straight.

So it was really an awesome trip. she's awesome, very kind, adorable and funny. We got along so well as though that was not our first time traveling together. It was fun, and I still like her. I like her a lot more now. I still like this straight girl. FML.
whentostop whentostop 22-25, F 2 days ago

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