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  Okay I told you guys months ago about the girl with the beautiful eyes that I like right.  Well I'm not sure she's so straight anymore.  I'm not really good at reading girls and I can never tell when someone's flirting with me but I've never had a major crush on a straight girl before.

Okay, this girl and I now pretty much talk to each other everyday. She's really sweet and she thinks im really funny.  The only class we have together is band and we both play the xylo so were by each other all the time.  A few days ago we were talking about our solos and she said something about the music that was funny.  i was really looking at her but i could see her out of the corner of my eye but i think she winked at me when she smiled.  Now im not sure if she didi or not, but if she really did wink at me what does that mean? and usually she's the one to come up to me and start talking, i dont really go up to her, she mostly comes to me.  And sometimes she just starts smiling at me for no reason.  what's going on???? does she like girls, or is she just really nice, or does she somehow know i like her and she's just playing mind games????? cuz i dont know and im really confused.  one time i kept looking at her during class cuz i can't help it she's so pretty and she saw me looking so she looked back and i quickly shifted my eyes so it looked like i was looking at the lockers behind her and she just started smiling so big, like something was funny and she kept looking at me like she knew i was staring at her. like oh my god, why does she do that? She drives me crazy!  so after she kept looking i looked back and was like "what?" like i didnt know why she was looking at me and she wouldnt say anything, she just kept staring.

and sometimes after school when im practicing my solo she'll come and play on the same xylo that im playing on when there are like 3 others that no one is using.  she does that A LOT. why??? and our arms always touch each others when we play and she never says anything like move over or whatever. oh my god she's so hott.

and also, every other day we have a lunch at the same time and her friends sit by my sister and her friends, and now i go over there sometimes to talk to my sister and one time i was sitting down eating with them and she just looked at me.  it was weird. didnt smile or anything, just looked at me like she was completely confused about something.  what does that ,mean? and sometimes she just talks to me about completely random stuff like when i was walking past her she just started talking to me about how she just ate so she wouldnt be hungry during band practice. iwas like, "What???" oh my god, she confuses me. it's like somehow she knows i like her and she's playing with my mind.

and i don't know if she's straight or not but theres this girl who's her friend and she was asking her about some girl who was talking to her(the girl i like) and she was asking if the girl was flirting with her or not and she was like IDK. and then the other girl started talking about gay people cuz two of the girls there were openly bi or lesbian and then my crush was just talking with them and she(the other girl) was like how do lesbians have sex and my crush said something but i couldnt hear what she said and i dont know if she was saying something about her being gay cuz i dont know if she is but now im not sure if she's straight.  i need help.  i dont want to flirt with her if she's straight, that might freak her out and i also dont really want to come out of the closet, but i really want her.

oh and one time a few days ago iwas texting my friend. were really close now because she's the only girl who knows i like girls. and she knows that not only do i like girls but aldso that id ont like boys at all. but anyway she's also the only person who knows that i like my crush and that i liked the short girl and she knows all the other people that i like. and we sometimes text about my crush cuz she agrees that she's pretty but not like that cuz she doesnt like girls. well anyway we were texting but not about my crush that time and i was standing in front of the xylo cuz iwas practicing and my crush xcame up and she started talkign and i freaked and immediately hid the screen and was like "leave me alone im trying to text here." but she knew i was joking but she looked at me weird and walked away like she thought i was texting about her. and now I'm confused cuz i think she thought i was texting aboyut how much i like her and she now knows i like her because that was same day that she winked at me when we were talking like an hour later. well at least i think she winked. but she always smiles so big at me.

also even though I've told everyone that im straight at that school i still sometimes flrit with one of my friends as a joke and we hug a lot, well my crush usually ignores us when we flirt with each other and she usually walks away but its not because she doesn't like my friend. she and my friend always talk to each other and my crush always talks to me so why doesnt my crush talk to us when me and my friend flirt????? and also she kind of flirts with this other girl in band in front of me sometimes.  i don't know if she does it to make me jealous or if she's really even flirting at all cuz I'm not sure if she likes girls but they're always touching each other and its confusing. i need help. is she straight or not? she's really cute.

does she know that i like her or is she just really friendly or whatever?

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sounds complicated!<br />
<br />
but from what you say, it sounds like she might like you, or at least be curious.<br />
maybe it wouldn't hurt to "flirt" back with her - maybe not too blatantly at first, but play her own game. maybe go and play on the same xylophone as her during band, or just smile at her now and then, you know, she how she responds.<br />
<br />
who knows, maybe something will happen :)<br />
<br />
be careful of course though - since you don't think you're ready to completely come out, i wouldn't come on too strong at first. just keep it friendly and test it out a little.