How do I Let Her Know I Have Feelings?

I'm 40, married, and deeeeply in the closet. I met a woman (another mom from my son's school) who I think has feelings for me, but I'm not sure. I'm crazy for her. There are things going on...our eyes connect, touches, longer embraces than normal when we hug hello/goodbye.

The last time I saw her, we met at another girlfriends for cocktails one evening. Everytime we see each other, we usually greet with a hug, which is not uncommon for our group of friends. The last time I saw her, I freaked myself out. I told myself, "what if she knows I'm gay based on the cues I've given, but she is straight". I didn't want to scare her off, so I figured I'd let her hug me first. However, she didn't, but we always do. Maybe she freaked out, as well??? Who knows. She's very touchy...but I'm trying to see if she does that with others or just me. But at the end of the night, she hugged me goodbye.

Anyhow, we have a St. Patty's party coming up and my husband won't be home, so I agreed that I'd go with her (she is nearly divorced). We joke that we're having a "date". I'm going to offer to pick her up. What can I say to her to HINT that I have feelings for her? Problem is that I'm not totally sure if she's straight or not?? So, whatever I say, I want it to be subtle yet send some type of message.



both99 both99
36-40, F
Mar 7, 2010