The Road I Never Took.

I am a 29 year old attractive black woman or so I have been told. I was a child bride. He is my best friend .I have two kids. I also dream of a life where I chose to be a lesbian. I flirt with the idea all the time I have had a few…..Encounters that have went no where fast because  I was lying and hiding and could never commit to really pursing them for fear of being exposed. I am so happy to find this site to hear these woman.

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Believe me, I know it never happens. I live in the midwest too. It's happened to me one time when I was 25. I admitted to a co-worker that I had a crush on her. She felt the same way, but nothing ever happened. I was getting married and pregnant at that same time. The timing was awful.<br />
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I'm 40 now and I've never had the same MUTUAL attraction. I put a post on this board about my story. I THINK I've found another person who might have feelings, but it's so darn hard to tell. I'm going to a party with her alone in a couple weeks because my husband is out of town and she's almost divorced. I want to make a move, but I can't think of what to say that would let her know how much I want her...without giving it away in case she is straight. I'm so afraid I'm misreading the signals. <br />
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I always wonder if there are more women who are closeted and I just don't know it. The woman I found when I was 25 was as feminine as can be....and I'm not butchy or anything. It's such a mysterious thing. Being straight would be sooo much easier. Thanks for listening.

Thanks for reading my post , She was a friend of mine and we had a moment after a few to many one night . It seem to be just enough to wet my appetite without bedding it back down again,I live in the Midwest and meeting woman like me NEVER happens.

Put it this way. You are ONLY 29 and you have a full life ahead of you. You've had your kids and you have plenty of time to take the road you never did before. <br />
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Wow, I think it's cool that you've had experiences with women. Do you mind me asking how you found these women? <br />
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I'm in a similar position as you, but I have a hard time naturally finding other women. Maybe it's the community I live in---upscale, mostly married w/ kids. Not many chances for lesbians. <br />
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Good luck!