I Need Your Advice

hey there, I got this scholarship that would offer me to study in europe and u know why I'm happy? because I'm getting out of this city that I'm staying in with so many homophobic here including my family members... but I havent make up mind about which country n university I'm going to. So my question is, is it a wise thing to do that? From my point of view, if I go to europe, it would be much easier for me to look for a gf. what do u think? And I'm a femme Asian, and I like white women since like forever. But would they mind about our differences? I'm not saying that european r racist, but maybe they hav their own taste n not interested in asian or something... And which country should I go? I would really love to be in a gay-friendly community but I dont know where... please, I need ur advice. thx.... n I'm doing my undergrate neway

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delanie im with you im a white girl and i am so attracted to asian girls just throwing that out there ;)<br />
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as for your college choice i have to agree with the education part go somewhere that your gonna get the best education from because in the long run thats what u need most and where ever you go to college there is always gay people and im sure they will welcome you =]

Hey there, wow that's a huge step, going out of your city! Really brave.!<br />
Here in Holland they mostly accept gay people, All the people I know never have let me down because i'm a lesbian. And I think in most countries of europe they accept gay people.<br />
It's different between your country i think. Im not sure though.<br />
You just have to be lucky with the right people around you.<br />
And Asian girls are cute i think :), I think most girls would say that .<br />
So don't worry about it. ;)<br />
Good luck to you!!<br />
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aww, thx so much fentois... *blow a kiss to ya*

to start, if you do a click google search on gay friendly cities, berlin, london, amsterdam, and barcelona come up.

i don't know what your options are, so it's hard for me to give a direct recommendation. i'm not familiar with many european schools.<br />
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since you want somewhere that is really accepting to homosexuality, you probably want a more liberal school. but again, really focus on what you intend to study and which schools are best for that. also, ask yourself the typical questions for students decided which colleges to apply to - do you want a big school, a small school, large classes, small classes, a city school, a country school, sports, academics? go on the school's webpages, maybe you'll even be able to find out if they have things like LGBT clubs, if that interests you at all.<br />
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good luck :)

yup, ur rite fentois, the main thing is all about 'getting away' from the homophobes around me n I swear I will be an open lesbian as soon as I step on a land where the community there r open about homo. However, I still havent make up my mind to which uni or country should I go.

i think the real opportunity is "getting away" for a little rather than the specific country. look at the best schools for your academic preferences, etc. wherever you go, this will be a new opportunity to open yourself up and be yourself.

Come to Oxford, it's a great place.<br />
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About the race preference thing, being a asian gay in Europe myself, I can tell you it's true that quite a few white guys are mostly attracted to Whites, especially among young people. I got this dating site and most of my messages are from old guys....(no commet on this, you probably can figure out why...)<br />
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BUT, what I said above is about gays. Personally, I think it could be very different for lesbians as most ppl think that asian guys are less manly than white guys while asian girls are more feminine than white gils. Lesbians do like girls being feminine, dont they? <br />
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Anyway, good luck,

Im white and I totally have a thing for asian girls.haha.<br />
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-But you have an amazing oppurtunity in your hands. Very much something to be proud of. Im sorry I dont know about many colleges in Europe, but if I was you, I'd research all the places that you have in mind, cause nobody can make this choice for you. I wish you the best of luck.:)