I Wish I Could Nerd Out One Day

i am a closet nerd

i love reading, writing, drawing, documentries, the history channel, DOCTOR WHO, star wars (the origionals),knitting, i know a tone of stupid facts, and i'm planning on being apart of a civil ware reinactment(sp?). unfortunatly i am a girl and b/c of accuracy i'll be in the fashions of the mid 19th century, not in the feild w. a gun fighting thoes DAMN YANKEES!!!!! >: (

i love classical music, i read the bible daily and i have passages on the walls of my room.  in addition to the bible i am reading three book at once for recoration. -wuthering hihghts, Lamb, and the pleasure of my company-. 

none of my friends have the same hobbies as i do.

when we go out on weekends i always make uo an excuse to get home early to study for tests weeks away and try to get ahead on my home work. 


cMiranda cMiranda
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 1, 2009

You are being yourself, and this is to be commended. There are too many superficial and materialistic people in the world. I enjoyed reading about your authenticity.